Grooming  Services

At  V.I.D Mobile Grooming Salon and Spa  we keep your dog's individual profile that includes: your contact information, special needs, health status and preferences.

You don't have to be home when arrangements are made ahead of time.

  Zuzi and Jarek owners of  V.I.D Mobile Grooming Salon and Spa  and  Doggie Clip pet styling salon, are certified groomers from the Nash Academy of Animal Art and have a lifelong love of animals.


V.I.D Mobile Grooming Salon and Spa offers the following:

Full Grooming:
* Full grooming includes warm hydro-massage bath, anal gland expression, clean & pluck ears, nail trim & breed specific or customized professional haircut or de-sheding.
Trim Up:
*Trim up grooming includes warm hydro-massage bath, anal gland expression, clean and pluck ears, nail trim & trim around face,feet, tail & sanitary.
*All bath price include warm hydro-massage bath, clean & pluck ears, anal glands expression & nail trim.


minimum price coming to your place :

 Start at     $55 for short haired breed

                     $70 for haircut


Small Breeds (10- 25 lbs):

Bath              $60+
Trim up         $65+
Full grooming $70+
Medium Breeds (25-55 lbs):
Bath                   $65+
Trim up              $70+
Full grooming   $75+
Large Breeds (55 -75 lbs):
Bath                  $75+
Trim up             $85+
Full grooming  $100+

Extra Large Breeds (75 lbs +):

Bath                    $90+

Trim up              $100+

Full grooming   $120+


Cats Grooming:

Short hair cat bath and brush      $65+

                                  Lion cut          $85+

Long hair cat bath and brush      $75+

                                  Lion cut          $95+


Additional services:

  • Medicated or flea bath: $10
  • File nails: $10
  • De- skunking: $10
  • Teeth brushing: $10
  • Scaling teeth: $30   (if dog will let us to do it)
  • Anal gland expression: $10
  • Extra dirty or heavy matted dog: $10


Prices are determined by the breed, coat condition and behavior.
Tangled, matted or double coated breeds (Doodles,Chows,Goldens,Huskies,etc) often require extra grooming time and at on additional cost.

V.I.D Mobile Grooming Salon and Spa reserves the right to deny service or to raise the price to those who do not disclose the true condition of their pet’s coat or temperament.
Call or e-mail us for a specific price for your pet!



Skills & Services

Our services guarantee the upmost quality from start to finish. We treat every customer with respect and admiration.


Cleanliness and sterilization are guaranteed with every customer. Work stations are cleaned before and after the dog arrives, equipment is sterilized and disinfectant spray is used.


Education is strickly enforced at V.I.D mobile grooming .We are regularly expanding our knowledge and keeping up with certifications and training courses.


Although prices may vary, we can ensure you are getting the best service for your money. Every customer will be properly attended to their likings.